Swirl ESP FLX Rattler – The Memorial


Limited Edition – Swirly Deep Dish Putter – 0.0 Stability

  • Speed/Skill 2
  • Glide 2
  • Turn -2
  • Fade 1

Three unbeatable reasons to snag one today!

  1. Throw and catch style disc that can handle some torque, available in 173-174g.
  2. Great swirls and amazing feel in Discraft’s super durable ESP FLX material.
  3. Excellent for long approaches, short technical holes or to play catch with all while supporting the Memorial Championship!

Introducing the ESP FLX Rattler, a Memorial Championship FUNraiser edition, only available at Spinners on the Green. This limited edition putter melds the classic Rattler design with the innovative ESP FLX plastic, offering an unbeatable combination of flexibility, grip, and durability. Featuring a unique Memorial Championship stamp, this disc is not only a performance enhancer but also a collectible item. With its distinctive feel and exclusive availability, the ESP FLX Rattler is a treasure for any disc golfer’s arsenal. Don’t miss out on this limited release – add it to your collection before it’s gone!

111 in stock

These all look amazing but let us know if you have a swirl preference and we’ll do our best to accommodate!

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