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Ice Sail – The Memorial

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Memorial Limited Edition Ice “Super” Sail

Spinners Flight Rating:

  • Speed/Skill 9
  • Glide 7
  • Turn -3
  • Fade 1.5

Highlights –

  1. Limited Edition – Memorial Championship Exclusive
  2. DGA Ice Material is Similar to Discraft’s CryZtal
  3. Mostly 150 Class Available (Blue, Green & Clear)
  4. Few 170-174g (Only Orange)

As soon as we opened a box of these Ice Sails before the event, we knew right away we had something special in our hands! A slight dip on top, where the inside rim meets the flight plate, typically means a beefier thrower. After a couple of us ran down to Vista to test it out, our hopes were confirmed. These Memorial Limited Edition Ice Sails are more overstable than average but with ADDED glide…and that was the 150’s!! The name “Super” Sail started getting tossed around during Memorial Week and we think if you try one you’ll agree, they are super!

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