Gannon Buhr D1 – Prodigy


Overstable Distance Driver – Gannon Buhr *2021 Rookie of the Year*

  • Speed/Skill 13
  • Glide 5
  • Turn 0
  • Fade 4

There’s no doubt you’ll be seeing young gun Gannon Buhr’s name atop leaderboards for years to come, grab one of these to celebrate his 2021 Rookie of the Year (@ just 16) season!

Available in their very popular 500 plastic. All are 170-175g, please use box below for color preference.

Spinners Says...

These Gannon Buhr D1’s seem to be a little more overstable than the standard D1 and higher arm speeds can count on them fading quite a bit. If you don’t have as much power, it can still make a great headwind, spike-hyzer disc or super cool collectable.


Weight 7 oz

Prodigy Plastics