Undertaker – Discraft


Slightly Overstable Distance Driver

  • Speed/Skill 9
  • Glide 5
  • Turn -1
  • Fade 2
  • Stability Rating 1.4

Now available in ESP FLX material! Regular ESP Undertakers are available as a Paul McBeth Signature Model here, and you can find Elite Z versions on the Paige Pierce Series page!

*Golf discs come in a range of colors and photo does not represent actual disc or stamp that you’ll receive.

Spinners Says...

Discraft Undertaker Distance Driver

Discraft debuted the Test Flight Undertakers at the 2016 Memorial Championship and it was an instant hit! With a 1.4 stability rating (9|5|-1|2) Undertaker is a driver that can handle higher arm speeds and offers a nice straight flight. Players without as much power will still get great distance with just a little more fade at the end.

Available Materials:

  • Big Z – Better grip than regular Z and flies closer to ESP than Z.
  • ESP FLX – Super grippy with great durability.
  • Elite Z – Most durable and typically most overstable, now a Paige Pierce Signature model.
  • ESP – Great grip and durability, slight fade at end and is a Paul McBeth Signature disc.


Weight 8 oz
Available Weights

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Discraft Materials

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