Vortex – DGA


Understable LONG Fairway Driver

  • Speed/Skill 7
  • Glide 6
  • Turn -3
  • Fade 1

Discover the DGA Vortex, a speed 7 fairway driver co-designed with 2X World Champion Catrina Allen. Revel in its superb control, enhanced glide, and unique swirly blend, ideal for both novices and seasoned players. Check out the Prototype Vortex if you prefer original ProLine plastic!

“Local Route” Tip – Expect longer than average flight for a speed 7 fairway has been the feedback around Spinners!

*Golf discs come in a range of colors and photo does not represent actual disc or stamp that you’ll receive.

Spinners Says...

DGA Vortex Fairway Driver

The DGA Vortex emerges as a perfect blend of design expertise and champion insights, thanks to their collaboration with 2X World Champion and DGA Team Member, Catrina Allen. Boasting a speed of 7, this fairway driver strikes a balance between excellent glide and just the right amount of turn. This makes it remarkably easy to control, suitable for those just starting out in the world of disc golf as well as the seasoned experts.

Adding to its appeal, each stock ProLine Vortex comes in a dazzling swirly blend, ensuring every disc is as unique as its thrower. Check out the Prototype Vortex if you prefer original ProLine plastic! Please note: Disc and foil colors can differ. If you have a specific color preference, kindly indicate in your order notes.

Suggested Uses:

  • Mastering controlled drives for newer players
  • Precision shots requiring unique turns and glide
  • A great roller right out of the box


Weight 8 oz
Available Weights

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