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Proto Vortex – DGA

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Understable LONG Fairway Driver

  • Speed/Skill 7
  • Glide 6
  • Turn -3
  • Fade 1

The Prototype Vortex by DGA debuted at the Memorial Championship and is a speed 7 fairway driver co-designed with 2X World Champion Catrina Allen. This easy-to-control disc, in DGA’s ProLine material, offers an optimal mix of glide and turn for both beginners and seasoned players. Expect longer than usual distance for a 7-speed disc!

Prototypes are all 170g-176g, and available in blue, green, purple, yellow or white. Please put your preference below, thanks!

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*Golf discs come in a range of colors and photo does not represent actual disc or stamp that you’ll receive.

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Spinners Says...

DGA Proto Vortex Fairway Driver

Introducing the DGA Vortex, a fairway driver with a speed rating of 7 that was crafted in partnership with 2X World Champion and DGA Team Member Catrina Allen. The Vortex (manufactured by Discraft for DGA) stands out for its ease of control, remarkable glide, and balanced amount of turn, making it a versatile pick for disc golf players at any skill level.

Now available in a swirly ProLine plastic, the stock Vortex combines performance with aesthetic flair.

Suggested Uses:

  • New players looking to master controlled distance
  • Skilled players aiming for precise fairway drives
  • Any situation requiring a balance of glide and turn

Team DGA 2x World Champ Catrina Allen


Weight 8 oz