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Nordic Phenom 2 – Discmania

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Limited Edition Overstable Distance Driver

  • Speed/Skill 10
  • Glide 4
  • Turn 0
  • Fade 3

Unveiling the Nordic Phenom 2, Niklas Anttila’s latest signature PD—a refined design offering a straighter flight path, exceptional glide, and a tribute to Finnish heritage. Perfect for both advanced and beginner players.

Weights range from 173g-176g and the color swirls vary (pics are for reference only). Please put preferences below and we’ll pull you something amazing!

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Spinners Says...

Discmania Nordic Phenom 2 PD – Niklas Anttila Signature Series

Embrace the return of the Phenom with Niklas Anttila’s newly crafted Nordic Phenom 2. Building on the success of the original, this updated PD boasts subtle adjustments for an even straighter flight path, while maintaining the domey profile and superior glide that the stock PD enthusiasts have come to love.

The artwork pays homage to Niklas’ Finnish roots, featuring another rendition of his iconic fateful Lynx design. This time, the Puijo tower—a landmark in Nikke’s hometown situated atop a globally-renowned ski-jumping hill—graces the disc, adding a touch of local flavor.

The PD is not just a power driver; it’s a precision instrument designed for reliable control across a range of conditions. While advanced players will likely find it to be their go-to all-around driver, newcomers will also appreciate its overstable nature for headwind throws and flex shots. Versatile enough for both backhand and forehand throws, it’s the disc to reach for when accuracy is paramount.

Upgrade your game with the Nordic Phenom 2, where heritage and performance beautifully come together.

About Horizon Plastic:

Our Horizon plastic is a unique blend of S-Line materials, featuring two eye-catching color variations. Craftsmanship extends to the plastic’s aesthetics, as our experts have painstakingly ensured that both interior and exterior colorways harmonize perfectly. The accompanying artwork serves as the finishing touch to this already exceptional disc.


Weight 8 oz