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Mutant – Discmania


Overstable Midrange

  • Speed/Skill 5
  • Glide 3
  • Turn 0
  • Fade 4

Highlights – 

  1. Squared off edges make the Mutant unique
  2. A great midrange to throw into a headwind
  3. Neo plastic is durable with nice grip
  4. Made in Sweden

*Golf discs come in a range of colors and photo does not represent actual disc or stamp that you’ll receive.

Spinners Says...

Discmania’s Mutant has squared off edges and a slight dip on the top flight-plate. One of their most overstable midranges, the Mutant feels really hefty in the hand and you know its going to fight through the wind like nobody’s business!


Weight 7 oz

Available Weights