Jawbreaker Zone – Discraft


Overstable Approach Putter

  • Speed/Skill 4
  • Glide 3
  • Turn 0
  • Fade 3

Meet the Zone, your trusty approach putter for strong and steady throws. Also available in the Limited Edition 6x World Champion Paul McBeth series!

Why you need one:

  1. For throws that need to stay on course
  2. When the weather makes it tough to play
  3. For both backhand and forehand throws

Spinners Says...

Discraft Jawbreaker Zone – Approach Putter

Looking for a reliable approach disc? Try the Zone! It’s great for throws that need to stay stable. You can count on it no matter the headwind. Both backhand and forehand players like it for tricky shots and strong throws.

Discraft’s Jawbreaker plastic combines a great feel, grippy and not too soft with an amazing look. Colors are so cool and varied, you’re really gonna dig these beauties.


Weight 8 oz
Available Weights

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