Elite Z Zombee – Discraft


Straight Fairway Driver

  • Speed/Skill 6
  • Glide 4
  • Right Turn -1
  • Left Fade 1
  • Overall Stability Rating = 1.0

Straight and easy to throw, try a Zom”bee” when you need a little more distance than your Buzzz!

*Golf discs come in a range of colors and photo does not represent actual disc or stamp that you’ll receive.

Spinners Says...

Another great disc to come out of Discraft’s Ace Race, a Zombee works as a distance disc for beginners or a longer midrange for advanced players. The glide will surprise you as this disc floats down the fairway. The Zombee will also be looking to eat some chains in heavily wooded courses where you need maximum control.


Weight 7 oz
Available Weights

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