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Paul McBeth needs the Malta to be able to throw a midrange as hard as he wants with confidence it will not turnover!  When we lined it up to a Wasp the bottom looks almost identical, with a top similar to the Drone.  However this overstable midrange is smaller in diameter than average and has a max weight range of 175-176g.  As a result, it seems the Malta gets down the fairway quite a ways before fading out.  Try one for yourself and you’ll be glad you did!

***Prototypes available now!***

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Weight 7 oz
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  1. Keith Murray

    I’m in love with the Malta! It’s a great compliment to my Jawbreaker Buzzz. I tried the BuzzzOS but that mid has no glide. This bad boy is beefy but gets down there quite a ways before breaking off!!!

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