P2 – Discmania


Straight Putt & Approach

  • Speed/Skill 2
  • Glide 3
  • Turn 0
  • Fade 1

Highlights –

  1. “Reinvented” P2 feels identical to original version.
  2. NOW available in S-Line, Flex 1 & Flex 2 plastics!
  3. Perfect for approach shots or as a go-to putter.
  4. Made in Sweden & now manufactured by Discmania.

*Golf discs come in a range of colors and photo does not represent actual disc or stamp that you’ll receive.

Spinners Says...

Introducing the next evolution in the Originals line—the all-new reinvented P2! It retains the comfort and feel that fans loved about its predecessors, and it seems to be garnering just as much appreciation. Now available in both S-Line and D-Line materials, you can choose from Flex 1 for a softer grip, or Flex 2 for moderate stiffness. Discmania is also in the process of rolling out a Flex 3 version for those who prefer a stiffer material. Stay tuned!


Weight 7 oz
Available Plastics

Flex 1 D-Line, Flex 2 D-Line, S-Line

Available Weights