Blizzard Boss – Innova


Overstable Distance Driver

  • Skill/Speed 13
  • Glide 5
  • Turn -1
  • Fade 3

World Record distance holder! David Wiggins Jr thru this bad boy 1108′ a few years back and it still holds!!

*Golf discs come in a range of colors and photo does not represent actual disc or stamp that you’ll receive.

Spinners Says...

Blizzard Boss – Lightweight Overstable Distance Driver:

If you need a lightweight distance driver that still has some fade at the end then try a Boss in Blizzard Champion plastic. Made by Innova, they shoot air bubbles into the material while molding the discs giving them the ability to get down into the 130’s! You may not set a world distance record but you just might set a personal best if you have enough arm speed.


Weight 7 oz

Available Weights

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