Brodie Smith Signature Edition – Discraft


Get Freaky CryZtal FLX Zone: Disc/stamp color will vary, weights are typically 170-174g.

Dark Horse Bro-D Rubber Blend Roach: Dark purple, blue or gray with varying hot stamp colors and all are 170-174g.

Weight & Color Preference (Optional)

Weight, disc & stamp color will vary but if you put your preferences we’ll do our best.

Spinners Says...

Brodie Smith is an Ultimate player, YouTube personality and all-around cool dude that has started his professional disc golf journey with Discraft!

These are the first Brodie Smith Signature Edition models from Discraft.

Check out Brodie’s YouTube review of these beauties!!


Weight 7 oz
Brodie Smith Discs

Dark Horse Bro-D Rubber Blend Roach, Get Freaky CryZtal FLX Zone