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Razor Claw 3 (Tactic) – Discmania


Limited Edition Overstable Approach Putter

  • Speed/Skill 4
  • Glide 2
  • Turn 0
  • Fade 3

Highlights –

  1. Support Eagle McMahon with a Limited Edition, Signature Series Meta Tactic!
  2. Meta plastic is translucent with an iridescent, color-changing look.
  3. Excellent for forehand approaches or strong headwinds.
  4. All are 170-176g in weight.
  5. Made in Sweden & now manufactured by Discmania.

**Purple, Yellow, Orange and Red available.**

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Spinners Says...

Discmania’s Tactic is a go-to for sidearm approaches and the Razor Claw versions hold up to torque even better! This thing is beefy, seriously.

Here’s what Eagle had to say on this fresh batch of birds… “The Razor Claw 3 is my favorite version of the Razor Claw. It offers the most overstable flight to date in the Tactic lineup making it great for force-over flex shots, windy days, and all-around consistent approach shots. The mold is offered in Meta plastic for the first time which gives the disc great durability with an amazing feel in hand.”

Heads Up: This is the Razor Claw Tactic mold which has a different top than stock release Soft or Hard Exo Tactics. The Razor Claw Tactic mold was first introduced with RC2 release.


Weight 7 oz