Cloud Breaker (Creator Series) – Discmania


NEW for ’23 – “Horizon” S-Line!

Overstable Distance Driver

  • Speed/Skill 12
  • Glide 5
  • Turn -1
  • Fade 3

Highlights –

  1. Support Eagle McMahon with a Limited-Edition Cloud Breaker.
  2. Creator Series Cloud Breaker (introduced in 2022) is not the stock DD3 mold.
  3. Excellent for big arms or strong headwinds.
  4. All are 173-175g in weight.
  5. Made in Sweden & now manufactured by Discmania.
(Due to limited availability color cannot be guaranteed)

Sold Out

Spinners Says...

Discmania Cloud Breaker (Creator Series) – Distance Driver

This is the Eagle McMahon Creator Series Cloud Breaker mold. It is different than a stock DD3 or previous Cloud Breaker (1-3) releases and was introduced in late 2022.


Weight 9 oz