Candyman Jawbreaker Buzzz

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12/3:  Added a SUPER LIMITED color not released originally that we at Spinners have been calling Holy Guacamole!  So limited that we didn’t offer them in-store or online but are bringing them to you as part of our 2019 Cyber Week Sale.  Only 14 total on here, 10 max weight and 4 175-76, so grab yours quick!


Full Details:

*SOLD OUT*  Thanks to everyone who supported the Memorial Championship!

Grab yourself a Limited Edition Candyman Jawbreaker Buzzz and you will be supporting the Memorial Championship presented by Discraft!  Amazing feel and awesome color blends make these a must have.  Jawbreaker plastic works in so nice, great grip but doesn’t beat up like tackier plastics normally do.

Excellent feel and awesome flights…this very well may be the best Buzzz ever!

  • Jawbreaker Plastic Looks & Feels Great
  • Amazing Durability
  • Throwers Will Love It & Collectors Will Want It

COLORS:  Jawbreaker plastic has unique color blends & exact colors will vary from pictures shown.  Stamp colors too will vary, you may request preferred stamp colors in the notes at checkout & we will do our best to accommodate.


Shipping Weight & More...

Weight 7 oz
Candyman Buzzz Colors

Dk. Purple, Pink, Lt. Purple, Dk. Blue, Lt. Blue, Grey, Orange, Aqua, Lt. Green, Holy Guacamole

Candyman Buzzz Weights

164-166, 167-169, 170-172, 173-174, 175-176, 177+


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